My mom bought Coco 10 years ago. He is a wonderful friend; he is always there when I need him. He is very funny and a great snuggler! My mom dances with Coco when she visits. It is very fun to watch. Coco reminds me of a real person except he always takes my side. When people first saw him, they were afraid of him. They thought he was a real baboon. But his charming personality soon won them over. Coco is always up at daybreak. He is nice enough to let me sleep in. I talk to him all the time about life. Whenever I’m sad, Coco is always there to listen. Coco also makes me laugh and cheers me up. He is a wonderful friends and he means the world to me. I love him very much.

I also like what he wears. He is a snazzy dresser. I like when he wears jeans. One year I was taken to the hospital, Coco stayed with my friend and they had fun. She was happy to see him.


He is a fine baboon. I like the way Coco dances. His favourite dance move is disco. He likes Saturday night fever.

I like the way staff interact with Coco. I appreciate that they know how much he means to me. Sometimes Coco’s very opinionated and they are very patient with him.