On Saturday May 24th I was granted my wish to go to a recording studio to record one of my songs as part of The West Park WISH; Which was an experience in itself!

These are my overall thoughts on my experience:

1. I didn’t know about bed track ~ A bed track basically is like a karaoke backing of the song and then the singer starts to put down some vocals until he or she gets the melody right. Then editing and over dubbing happens.

2. The singer was awesome ~ Mike was almost right on the mark.

3. I really connected with the drummer

4. The harmony vocals sound spectacular

5. All of the band members were friendly

6. They were all professional. Stephen was a little bit behind the rest of the band on the Wurlitzer electric piano.

I wrote my own lyrics and the music to my original song at the same time, way back in the late seventies. The people here at WP had a make a wish program and my wish was to go to a recording studio where I directed the band of Pros and the song Life came to light. So here it is, give it a listen. 

The guitar player was hot to trot. He wailed on the electric guitar. He was afraid at first that the electric guitar would over power the track he had already put down with the acoustic guitar.  The base was distorted just a little but all in all it sounds awesome!!!

~The Silver Fox