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Beauty and the Beast

I love the movie Beauty and the Beast. I think the re-make was better than the original. The acting was very good and the animation was convincing. All together it was fantastic! I would see the movie again if I... Continue Reading →

Casino Night

I enjoyed Casino night and there were lots of prizes. I picked out a DVD for my TV called The Bold and the Beautiful. I also picked up a pair of headphones. I played Russian Roulette and my lucky number... Continue Reading →

My New Headphones

I finally got the headphones that I ordered! They came from Malaysia. For the price I paid, I think it was sweet. The Wish Program happened yesterday. I received a VISA gift-card from the Wish Fairy. But the headphones came... Continue Reading →

Snakes and Lattes

By Silver Fox I really enjoyed getting a look at some of the new boardgames at Snakes and Lattes. I never knew that there are over three thousand on the market. I personally have played up to one hundred. I... Continue Reading →

My Trip to the IZ Adaptive Clothing Studio

By Z(ee) We have a wish foundation here at the hospital, and the wish fairy gave me a $200 gift certificate to IZ Adaptive - Designer Clothing for Men and Women Using Wheelchairs. You can click on the link to... Continue Reading →

Hockey Game

by Jamie In July, I saw a hockey game. Toronto Maple Leafs were playing. the leafs won 3-2. I was very happy. I still am happy 🙂

Commentary on the Toronto Marlies hockey game versus the Milwaukee Admirals

Written by Bryan Hunt Personal Commentary on the Toronto Marlies hockey game versus the Milwaukee Admirals, held at the Ricoh Coliseum in the Exhibition Place on Sat March 22 2014 A real enjoyable experience was had by the participants, a... Continue Reading →

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