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The Silver Fox

More music on the way!

I want to start working on a new song, but I am currently without a musician. I already have a peom I want to make into a song: "I had a long talk with the Lord He told me that... Continue Reading →

My New Headphones

I finally got the headphones that I ordered! They came from Malaysia. For the price I paid, I think it was sweet. The Wish Program happened yesterday. I received a VISA gift-card from the Wish Fairy. But the headphones came... Continue Reading →

Monster Jam: Update

Monster Jam has changed a lot since the last time I was there. They didn't have a SMASH UP DERBY. I met a beautiful girl and got a picture with her. Her name was "The Derby Vixen." A police officer let... Continue Reading →

Music on the Way

I'm starting to work on my third CD. The first track is the one our Music Therapist and Spiritual Care Provider are singing I'm pleased with the end result. I think our S.C.P. likes our M.T's voice. His voice compliments... Continue Reading →

A New CD

I have recorded a CD for the first time ever, collaborating with musicians and I'm truly impressed about it. The price is five dollars. The single has been in the can for a little over a year. When N first... Continue Reading →

My latest song

By The Silver Fox I really love the way Kristin interpretes my lyrics. The way she puts her pipes to work sounds totally awesome! The way Stephen came in as a last minute stand in on the djembe was totally... Continue Reading →

Gone but not forgotten

by The Silver Fox On the weekend before Halloween, E got released from the TB unit. We can get a gold star but that leaves me sad and brokenhearted. She and I had just become good friends. I liked her... Continue Reading →

Off to the races! 

I have a strategy on placing bets: if you've got the cash to do it you bet the field in every race. I won on the last race only because I did so.

Snakes and Lattes

By Silver Fox I really enjoyed getting a look at some of the new boardgames at Snakes and Lattes. I never knew that there are over three thousand on the market. I personally have played up to one hundred. I... Continue Reading →

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