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Casino Night

I enjoyed Casino night and there were lots of prizes. I picked out a DVD for my TV called The Bold and the Beautiful. I also picked up a pair of headphones. I played Russian Roulette and my lucky number... Continue Reading →

After Oscars Party

The party was very good! I liked the movies the Oscars chose as winners. West Park had their own red carpet. They also had a photographer who took pictures. I wore a nice outfit to the event. They had good... Continue Reading →

My New Headphones

I finally got the headphones that I ordered! They came from Malaysia. For the price I paid, I think it was sweet. The Wish Program happened yesterday. I received a VISA gift-card from the Wish Fairy. But the headphones came... Continue Reading →

Busy times

There's a staff member on my unit who I really like. She is the nicest person to talk to. She makes it very easy to talk o her and she is very friendly. At the end of the month, West... Continue Reading →

The “New Year” Party

On January 12th, the Recreation Team organized a New Year party, for all of West Park. They started of with a presentation which was a "year in review" on everything that happened last year. This was my favourite part. There... Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day means to me; remembering the people who died in the war and the people who are still fighting. I feel proud to live in a country that is safe and full of kind people. Today we are having... Continue Reading →

Blue Jays – By Z(ee)

I never considered myself a sports fan but that baseball game between the Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers caught my attention. That seventh inning was really exciting. If I wasn't already wearing diapers I would have p.....d my pants.... Continue Reading →

Strawberry Social 2015 – By Z(ee)

It couldn't have been better. It was a beautiful day and the decorations were lovely. They had strawberry balloons blowing in the wind all along the path leading up to the gazebo. There were fresh strawberries and ice cream served... Continue Reading →

Another Experience with a Wild Animal – By Z(ee)

We had an exotic animal show outside around the fountain. There was a parrot who had a vocabulary of over 200 words and I think he used them all because he never stopped talking. There was also a fox, a... Continue Reading →

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