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Beauty and the Beast

I love the movie Beauty and the Beast. I think the re-make was better than the original. The acting was very good and the animation was convincing. All together it was fantastic! I would see the movie again if I... Continue Reading →

Casino Night

I enjoyed Casino night and there were lots of prizes. I picked out a DVD for my TV called The Bold and the Beautiful. I also picked up a pair of headphones. I played Russian Roulette and my lucky number... Continue Reading →

More music on the way!

I want to start working on a new song, but I am currently without a musician. I already have a peom I want to make into a song: "I had a long talk with the Lord He told me that... Continue Reading →

After Oscars Party

The party was very good! I liked the movies the Oscars chose as winners. West Park had their own red carpet. They also had a photographer who took pictures. I wore a nice outfit to the event. They had good... Continue Reading →

My New Headphones

I finally got the headphones that I ordered! They came from Malaysia. For the price I paid, I think it was sweet. The Wish Program happened yesterday. I received a VISA gift-card from the Wish Fairy. But the headphones came... Continue Reading →

Busy times

There's a staff member on my unit who I really like. She is the nicest person to talk to. She makes it very easy to talk o her and she is very friendly. At the end of the month, West... Continue Reading →

The “New Year” Party

On January 12th, the Recreation Team organized a New Year party, for all of West Park. They started of with a presentation which was a "year in review" on everything that happened last year. This was my favourite part. There... Continue Reading →

Christmas is coming

To add to my music collection, I bought an ABBA cd. My favourite song by ABBA is "I do, I do, I do, I do." I also purchased a bib and outfit for a baby close to me. This will... Continue Reading →

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day means to me; remembering the people who died in the war and the people who are still fighting. I feel proud to live in a country that is safe and full of kind people. Today we are having... Continue Reading →

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