I love the movie Beauty and the Beast. I think the re-make was better than the original.
The acting was very good and the animation was convincing. All together it was fantastic! I would see the movie again if I could.

I’m excited that the Spring weather is on its way. I love the nice weather and going for walks around the grounds. I also love seeing all the flowers people grow. Roses are my favourite flower–specifically the purple rose. I also like the one-and-only red rose.

Flowers are one of my favourite gifts to receive and to give. Spring has great weather because it’s not too hot and not too cold.


I’m looking forward to the Easter holiday. My sister is going to come visit me again. I think we will take a walk around the grounds if the weather ends up being nice. I think my sister will also come and join me in some recreation programs. We really liked Hymn sing, so we’ll probably join again.  One this is for sure…we will spend LOTS of time outside together!