There’s a staff member on my unit who I really like. She is the nicest person to talk to. She makes it very easy to talk o her and she is very friendly.

At the end of the month, West Park is having an After the Oscars party. I’m very excited about it. I wish Pretty Woman was aĀ nomineeĀ this year because it’s still my favourite movie.Ā I really liked the story and acting.Ā I also wish Dirty Dancing was a nominee this year because I loved that movie too.

I’m looking forward to dressing up for the party, andĀ having my makeup done by a professionalĀ Make-up Artist.

I plan to dress Coco (my monkey) up in a special outfit, but this will be a surpriseĀ to everyone at West Park.

I’m excited to see my friendsĀ who will also be dressed up.

My favourite restaurant is The Plum Tree. The service is really great. The food is also pretty good. My sister, who was here in February, is coming again in March. I’m excited to see her here again. We’re going to go to The Plum Tree together. My sister usually orders the steak, which she likes very much. I myself really enjoy the olives. My favourite kind of olive is the black olive.

For dessert, we usually get the chocolate mousse. It’s the best chocolate mousse I’ve had.

Every Friday I sit down with a member of the Recreation Therapy Team, to write about different things. These have included my outings, special events, and visits from Family and friends. I like having the chance to write about these things. This is how the Blog Posts come to be. My volunteers have also helped me to write posts like these.