Last week, I had an amazing visit from my sister. She travelled all the way from Calgary. She stayed with me after my surgery for 2 weeks. She joined me in going to my programs at West Park, including Drumming. She picked up the drumming very quickly.

The other programs we visited included Mindfulness Music and Bingo. We won $2 in Bingo. We even attend the Scoops program and got chocolate ice cream. Every Thursday, we went to Hymn sing.

I was her personal tour guide, showing her all of West Park, including the garden. It was a busy two weeks with my sister visiting, and I went on an outing called “All Fired Up,” which was a potter place. I painted a coffee pot and left it there to get fired.

I painted it purple and blue. The Rec staff who accompanied us on the outing with a perfect fit.

It has been a busy 2 weeks, and my sister was able to meet many people at West Park.


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