I hope this year I feel better. This year I’m looking forward to my sister visiting me, as she will be coming from Calgary. I’m excited to see her because its been over a month since we’ve seen each other last. I’ve wanted her to visit for a while. She’ll be here to support me while I have another operation.

Growing up, my sister and I were close. I looked up to her. She loved to dance and would teach me dance moves. She also use to be a model. I also use to be a model–we were both Make-Up models. Because of this, we often received a lot of free samples.

I called my nephew this week to wish him a happy birthday–he turned 35 this year. He also lived in Calgary, but plans to visit with his mom–my sister.

I have a lot of favourite people, who are part of the Recreation Therapy team. I also love the team in the hairdressing salon. The nurses here are also really great. I have a really great doctor who I like best of all.

The maintenance staff here are also great. I have another favourite person who lives on the same unit as me. She’s my best friend at West Park.

This weekend at WP, we’re doing a matching game, and the theme is “events that happened in 2016.” We’re also having a round of bowling, which is always very fun. I love bowling.

My new year has started, and I’m very excited!

  • Cathy