A week and a half ago, I went to Walmart with one of the staff members from Recreation Therapy and a friend of mine .Walmart was very busy that day. There were lots of babies.

We left Westpark in the morning and it was a very bad weather day. There was about five of us who went on the outing.

I bought a small reindeer that I put on my table in m room. I named my reindeer Rudolph, clearly after the song, because he also has a red nose. I also purchased a pink shawl with tassels because pink is my favourite colour.

I also bought a few movie, which included Ms. Doubtfire, because I think the movie is really funny. I also bought another one of my favourite movies, Home Alone.

I purchased a new radio too, so I could listen to music without using my headphones all the time. Even though I bought an Elvis CD at Sherway Gardens, I bought another one today at Walmart, because I love him that much.