Hi Everyone,

It’s Zee. I’m back! I didn’t have a lot to write about and it seems like everything I wanted to talk about was bad news. All these terrorist attacks and planes crashing and shootings, I could go on forever. What about this weird presidential election? What is going on with that??? It seems like they’ve made a joke about the U.S. presidential election. It’s so important to the whole world and now it’s becoming a joke. Anyway, if you want to read something funny, and cute, I received a message from my friend Marilynn (Mr. Darcy the therapy dog’s owner) and it brightened my day so I hope it will brighten yours.

Hi Zee,

A few weeks ago, Mr Darcy had his first TTC rides to go visit students at UofT by subway and bus! He was so good, going down all the stairs at the Royal York subway station. Once we got on the train, he shivered and shook sitting beside me, until 2 stops before we got off at Bay. It was all so new to him, squeaky sounds, doors opening and closing, tunnels…but he was also interested in everything. When we got off, Mr Darcy raced up all the stairs without pausing until we hit Bloor St. I had to move fast to keep up with him. Good exercise, right? Then we got on a bus and he was not nervous at all.

We met many University students at St Michael College over their lunch break – Mr Darcy got lots of cuddles and pats – along with 3 other St John therapy dogs. Then we had a great walk up to St George subway station. I wondered if Mr Darcy would be afraid to go underground again but he surprised me! Mr Darcy raced down all the stairs beside me, on leash of course, and waited on the platform. When the next train rushed in he was startled but when the doors opened, Mr Darcy walked right on the train. He did not shiver or shake the whole ride back. He was very interested in watching people getting on and off each station and particularly like the 2 sections on ground level – High Park and Old Mill. It was so funny to see Darcy stretch his neck to look out the window! He was an experienced subway rider now, right? And he ran up the 3 flights of stairs when we got back to Royal York station. A very successful ride so from now in Mr Darcy and I can ride buses and subways if we go downtown. Yeah!

Mr Darcy had another fun adventure a few days later. We went to Cloverdale Mall to visit Santa Claus and get his photo taken with him. Every Sunday night, people can bring their pets to get Santa photos and many people do just that! Five teams of St John Therapy dogs attend each session to tell people about the Therapy dog program to see if others would like to join the teams who visit schools, hospitals and senior homes, too. Mr Darcy and I love to visit West Park and have met lots of people who enjoy dogs plus make wonderful friends, like you, Zee. Our visits go by quickly but mean so much to me and Mr Darcy.

Here are some photos for your collection.

Marilynn and Mr Darcy