I never considered myself a sports fan but that baseball game between the Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers caught my attention. That seventh inning was really exciting. If I wasn’t already wearing diapers I would have p…..d my pants. It was that exciting. First, the reaction of the fans when the umpires called that play that errupted into a disgraceful reaction from the Blue Jays fans was embarrassing to Toronto, but that home run by Jose Bautista which propelled them into the American League Championship made everything ok. The crowd calmed down but that excitement after the game when the Blue Jays won was enough to assuage all the bad feelings. Now I’m looking forward to the Blue Jays and Kansas games. You’ll hear from me soon, good news or bad!

Here’s the game recap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WolF06HwW8E

Hi, it’s Z(ee) again. Well, I told you you would hear from me, good news or bad. Well, sorry it’s bad. The Blue Jays lost to Kansas and that means no World Series for us. Even though we didn’t get into the World Series this year, we are already looking forward to the next time. Those last games created a lot of excitement for Canada and that was a good thing that came out of it. We picked up a lot of new Blue Jays fans and they say a lot more season’s tickets have already been bought for the next series. It even spawned more excitement for the rest of the sports teams. It has given more momentum to the Raptors and to the other sports teams. They say a lot more souveneers and paraphanalia has been sold since the Blue Jays run for the pennant. I know we all still want to thank the Blue Jays for their good run. Go Jays!!!