I love my mom. My mom is in heaven. I talk to her every day. She was very nice and thoughtful. She was very nice to talk to. She was a nice lady and everyone liked to talk to her. She is still very special in my heart. It means a lot to me to be able to pray for her everyday. I still love her very much. I remember the times when I used to be at home with her. It was fun times. It was good times when I was in high school in Montreal. I learned to speak French. We went to my house and my mom had bibles. She read the bible to us every day. I lived in Montreal from when I was 5 to 18. We lived there because they had better schools. I liked the mountains too. My dad was a hockey player and played for the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He was also a golfer.

I travelled to Sudbury and Trenton with my family. I travelled all over North America because my family liked to travel. Now I’m in West Park and I like it here. I have a lot of friends, like you. I have a lot of nurse friends too.  I like the recreation here and the recreation staff.  That’s my favourite department.  My favourite group is Sandwich Samaritans.  It’s fun and I like the people.  I don’t like Pub Night because I don’t like the smell of beer.  I used to like it, but I gave it up about 2 years ago.  I like Music Appreciation because of the music that they play.