With certain fashion trends I feel it is important to dress the right way for your body type. I am a girl with curves and I like to wear clothes that flatter my body. I know if I wear a top, I make sure that I cover the parts that I don’t want to be shown. One thing I don’t like is tight clothes that are hard to get on. There is an issue that I have with a certain company that makes leggins, jeggins and pants that you think would stretch. Some of their stuff is stretchy and some are not so much. I feel like it is a waste of money to continue wondering if I will be able to get into my jeggins. I don’t wanna buy something that won’t fit. So if the company is thinking about having more business, they need to make their leggins and jeggins with more stretch! Most of my shirts fit pretty well. Recently I had to get things out of my closet that can’t fit anymore. It was like a declattering. That’s really popular on YouTube right now. So what I am trying to say: just because it is in your size, doesn’t mean it will fit!