Many years ago, I completely stopped using relaxer. I found it way too damaging for my hair plus my scalp itched a lot. Before this, the natural movement was practically unheard of. A lot of black women faced this decision on a daily basis; should I keep relaxing? Or should I go natural? Sometimes this decision can be scary for someone like me. Now it’s much easier because there are lots of products to help us with this process. Transitioning from relaxed to natural hair will probably be difficult at first but take it from me, you will learn to manage once your hair is fully natural. My favourite products that I’ve been using over the years are: Cream of Natures’ argon oil from Morocco line, Mane n’ Tail, ORS olive oil line, and African Gold. These products have helped me out a great deal. We should all try to stay away from products that strip the hair and dry it out, as well as, phosphates and detergents when we are washing our hair. It is very important for your hair when it is natural to have moisture and to be combed out properly. It is also important to keep your scalp moisturized as well to keep it from getting dry so I usually use hair oil. Youtube is a great avenue for the natural hair community as of late. So many girls are going natural and displaying it on Youtube- how awesome! Remember there is always a choice in life, so whether you relax or are natural- go for it! It’s your hair remember?

Natural Hair