When it comes to high-end or affordable make-up, I tend to gravitate to more affordable options because sometimes high-end make-up can break the bank. Unfortunately, there are some high-end make-up brands that are not worth the money. Then again, there are some that are worth the money. What I mean is, some of those brands don’t do what they claim but there are some that actually do what they claim and are worth the money. But drug store or discount, some of them do just as good of a job.

Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 1,2, & 3 are considered the best eye-shadow palettes. I would probably purchase it down the line, you never know. I hear rave reviews on youtube about the Urban Decay palette. I have also seen swatches of it.

And then you have the brand MAC. It’s a high-end brand that was started in Canada (a lot of people don’t know that). I will admit I have only one MAC make-up product (Illuminizer) but I got it as a gift for Christmas from my sister. The lipsticks run you about $16 for one which is ridiculous.

Two brands I would like to explore are e.l.f and Wet n Wild because they are considered to be some of the more affordable brands for the quality. I have seen a lipstick from Wet n Wild I would really like to try.

I buy a lot of make-up from Avon when it is on sale. Sometimes they can be a bit expensive too but when it’s on sale that is when I splurge. My favourite product is the Ultra Colour Lipsticks. The only downfall is sometimes you will have to reapply after you eat, they are kiss-off. I really love Avon’s eye-shadow quads, my favourite one is called purple haze. Makeup Collage