By Z(ee)

We have a wish foundation here at the hospital, and the wish fairy gave me a $200 gift certificate to IZ Adaptive – Designer Clothing for Men and Women Using Wheelchairs. You can click on the link to see what sort of things the store has to offer. Some of the clothing was shown in the fashion show that they featured at the ROM. I finally went to the studio and it was awesome. It is run by a girl named IZ (pronounced Izzy). I think she could design something for all of our needs. She is very creative and her ideas will excite you. It is by appointment only and since she only deals with one client at a time, she is able to focus on your special needs. She explains how all the pieces are worn and why they are designed the way they are. The studio is easily accessible in West Toronto.

I bought a few things to add to my wardrobe, but by the time I saw her different designs my head was spinning. There were so many things that I liked that it was hard to decide what to get so I’m sure I’ll be going back again. I am sure all of you will feel the same way. There’s something for everyone.