When it comes to removing your hair from certain body parts; legs, armpits etc…I use Nair or Veet. It doesn’t smell too pleasant but it gets the job done. I will never, and I repeat never, wax. I am just too afraid of the pain I will have to go through. I am even afraid to get my eyebrows threaded. It would probably be pretty painful. I like to keep things simple. I feel I do have a high tolerance for pain but not that high. You might say I’m a chicken but I don’t care, I will not do waxing no no no. People say getting your eyebrows waxed is not so bad but I don’t believe them. When I use Veet or Nair I am pretty much hair-free for 3-4 weeks but for other people it might be different depending on how fast your hair grows back. Because I live at West Park, it is very frowned upon to shave because some people have to use blood thinners and stuff like that so there is a potential risk when you shave for you to get cut and bleed. That is why I simply use depilatory.