Written by Z(ee)

Last week I went to a fashion show for the disabled at the ROM. I expected a live fashion show with models in wheelchairs, but there were model mannequins staged in certain positions instead. They were placed in large glass cases which made it awkward to see things up close since my wheelchair was so long. Trying to turn to see things from certain angles was difficult.

The clothing was interesting but there was a lot of reading that went along with it. That was another thing that could have been changed. There were pedestals that held the information about the clothing that couldn’t be rotated or tilted so it was difficult to see. Another downside is that the writing size was small and the room was too dark. So overall the exhibition could have been more accessible.

It was a good thing that my computer buddy looked it up on the internet with me the night before and I was able to view it on the ROM website http://www.rom.on.ca/en/exhibitions-galleries/exhibitions/fashion-follows-form. It has information about the designer and how they came up with the ideas and more about the process that they used. We also looked at the designer’s website which had a lot of helpful information and pictures of the clothing http://www.izadaptive.com. I would recommend looking at these websites if you want more information.

It was an interesting trip and I’m glad I went.