by Z(ee)

Every October West Park Healthcare Centre holds a Fall Fair. There are all sorts of games like plinko, cow tipping, chicken toss, duck pond, point and shoot, face painting and lots of wild animals. There were kangaroos, and a tiny baby kangaroo, cradled in blankets being carried around people’s arms. Also there were goats, sheep, llamas, a camel, small horse, Patagonian jack rabbit, tiny alligators, and a variety of animals which shall remain nameless.
The most exciting moment of my day was seeing the wild lynx. My volunteer pushed me of to the cage, my legs were straight out in front of me I. The wheelchair. The handler had to entice the lynx to the front of the cage as it was afraid of the wheelchair and all of the noise. When itimage image got to the front of the cage this beautiful wild lynx came out and looked around. It had these beautiful green gemstone eyes. When our eyes met I think it was love at first sight. It stepped gingerly out of the cage and walked up my legs, sniffed sound and came sat on my lap. That was the thrilling part!

Within seconds it turned around and leaped upon my chest then shoulder. I went in shock. I felt its soft fur on my cheek but I was afraid it was going to bite my neck or rip my face off. I was happy that the handler was right there and lifted him off me. When I started breathing again I realized that I had just experienced one of the most thrilling things in my life also the scariest.

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