by Z(ee)

My last outing was to the Aquarium at the base of the CN Tower. If you’ve never been there, it is well worth the trip. There was so much to see and lots of interaction for the kids. We were able to ride around on a moving sidewalk, but because you’re so busy, you wouldn’t be able to watch where you were going at the same time. There were things swimming on both sides and over your head.

  unnamed[2]   IMG_20150219_111410

It was really enjoyable to see all of the children with their parents. The kids were so excited that they were screaming and jumping around, so if you don’t like noise, it’s not the place for you. There were a lot of interactive things for the kids and their parents to do. So it was really nice to see.

They even had a fast food restaurant for lunch so you can make it a day long outing for the whole family.

I enjoyed it so much because I took a course in Invertebrate Zoology in college and only saw most of the things in books. There were sharks, swordfish and all kinds of other things that live in the sea all around you. You can’t see everything in one visit, so I’m sure to go again!

My sister and I