by Z(ee)

Last week we had an interesting dance recital by some professional dancers.  A woman was in a wheelchair and a man was an instructor from the school. They did several different types of dancing: Waltz, Spanish Dancing, Cha-Cha etc. It was beautiful. He had her twirling in her chair and even tipping her back in her chair. (I was waiting for him to fall over on top of her! 🙂 She guided the chair by using her hands to control it. There were times when I thought that she wouldn’t be able to stop fast enough and knock some of us down like bowling pins. 🙂 It was exciting to watch and I was really impressed by their skills. We asked the lady how long it had taken her to be so adept at her movements. She said a long time and I took a deep breath because I couldn’t imagine myself being so graceful after any length of time.

I thought there would only be a few of us there but a lot of people were interested in the demonstration. After the professional performance was finished, they asked us if we like to try making up some of our moves. Only a few people were brave enough to get out on the floor. But by the end all of us were dancing. The whole room was trying their own skills. It actually was a lot of fun. Who knows, maybe I’ll give it a try. 🙂

DSC02757   whdance